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Things To Do

This is a list of some of the biking events we attend every week and special once-off biking events.

Just click on individual event in the calendar to get details of the event.

Another CS specific guide can be found here:
To get a real free tour guide of the hidden treasures of Berlin check:
For a guide to the cycle lanes and route planning:
A guide to free events going on in Berlin:

Map of the list below

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ON and OFF the beaten track sightseeing

  • Templehof airport
    • Where: Neukolln
  • Treptower park
    • Where: Treptower
  • Mauer park
    • Where: Prenzlauerberg
    • Flea market and karaoke on Sundays
  • Gorlitzer park
    • Where: Kreuzberg
    • check out Edelweiss bar (also dark mini-golf)
  • Maybachufer Turkish market
    • Where: Kreuzberg
    • Tuesdays and Fridays only
    • Best deals on fruit and vegetables after 18:00 when the stalls are closing up
  • Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum
    • Where: Mitte
    • architecture is amazing
    • No bags allowed in library - lock your bags in locker room downstairs (small lock required - eg luggage lock)
  • Kopi 137 squat
    • Where: Kreuzberg
    • Friday afternoons is bike repairing - tell them BikeSurf sent you :-)
  • Teufelsberg
    • Where: Grunewald
    • Panorama over Berlin in abandoned radar base
  • Reichstag
    • Where: Mitte
    • Free but need to book here
  •  Spreepark
    • Where: Treptower
    • Abandoned amusement park

  •  Tiergarten Zoo
    • Where: Mitte
    • Along the river in Tiergarten on the southside you pass by some of the animal/ bird enclosures  without having to pay the entrance fee
  • Schlachtensee, Plötzensee, Muggelsee
    • all lakes around Berlin
    • able to swim there
  • Froschkönig
    • Where: Neukolln
    • Show silent movies with live piano
  • Mauerweg
    • 160km long path following the old East/West divide
    • free maps available online
  • Pankeweg
    • Where:Mitte/ Wedding
    • Follow the river up north out of the city through forests and parks on cycle paths
  • Potsdam
    • pretty parks and castles
    • especially touristy at weekends in summer
    • ~30km from Berlin
  • Rathaus Schöneberg
    • Where: Schöneberg
    • "Wir waren Nachtbarn" - long term exhibition on life in Berlin during the war
    • Famous for Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech

Concerts and Live Music
  • Konzertkasse
    • Huge list of concerts going on in Berlin
  • Zitty Berlin
    • Another huge list of concerts going on weekly in Berlin
  • Hangar 49
    • Funk and soul music as well as jam sessions on Tuesdays
    • Located behind the BVG building
  • Festsaal Kreuzberg
    • Generally live electro house, and party music. Soul Explosion once a month
  • SO36
    • Variety from ska to punk to rock to hip-hop to metal. Huge stage, great crowds
    • Some nights of the week are specifically LGBT friendly 
  • Cassiopeia
    • Hip-hop, rock, indie, electro, house
  • Quasimodo
    • Jazz, funk and soul
  • A-trane
    • Jazz - some high profile acts
  • B-flat
    • Jazz - lots of high quality local musicians
  • Fuchsundelster
    • Indie, old-timey
    • Located in the bassment of an old church  
  • Badehaus Szimpla 
    • Indie, jazz, rock, gipsy, balkan, eastern
  • White Trash Fast Food
    • Ska, rock, thrash, indie, alternative
    • Get some good food, enjoy music, and get a tattoo at the same time 
  • Yaam   
    • All reggae, all the time, on the Spree
Whats on in Berlin:


  • Acrobatics in various parks throughout Berlin in summer
  • Acro-yoga & Bodywork jam
  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • Acro-yoga & Circus training
  • Bikram Yoga
    • Bikram/ Vinysa/ Pilates
    • Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg
    • classes everyday
  • Bouldering
    • Volkspark Friedrichshain - near the volleyball courts - free outdoor wall
    • Der Kegel - Revalerstr 99


  • Swing lessons and swing parties (live bands - Thursdays from 21:00 - 3€ entry)
    • back to the 20s and 30s with lindy-hop, charleston, etc ultimate Berlin dance
    • Cafe Engels, Herrfurthstrasse 21 (U8 Boddinstrasse), Tante Emma, Kopenickerstrasse 1A (U1 Schlesisches Tor)
  • Dock 11 on Kastanienallee
    • dance school with absolute beginners' classes for ballet, modern, hiphop, etc. 7e to drop in and try a lesson.
  • Badeschiff


Places to eat:

  • Ixthys - Korean food (Schonberg) ~ €5-6
  • Dolores Burrito - Californian-style burittos (Mitte) ~€4 veggie burrito
  • Weinerei - Coffee and cake/ Buffet-style dinner (Prenzlauerberg)
  • VoKu (VolksKuche) -Gruenbergerstrasse 73 (Friedrichshain) - vegetarian/vegan Sundays from 18:00 - 2€
  • VoKu (VolksKuche) -F54 - Friedelstrasse 54 (Neukolln) - vegetarian/vegan Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 21:00 - pay-what-you-can
  • Another Country - Buffet style all-you-can eat (Kreuzberg) - Friday nights from 21:00 - €5 all you can eat
  • Oase - Vegetarian VoKu ie community dinner Thursdays 20:00 (Wedding) - €2
  • Morgenrot: 9.50€ for an all-you can eat brunch on Sundays (Skalitzer Straße 35  10999 Berlin)
  • Seerose on Mehringdamm: excellent vegetarian Mediterranean buffet, with a huge plate of food, drink and dessert for under 10e.
  • Babel on Kastanianallee: excellent and reasonable authentic Lebanese food.
  • Soupanova in Prenzlauer Berg: bar with great soup, good live music, and good cocktails

Cool nights (all free!!!)

  • Soulcat music Club
    • Where: Kreuzberg
    • Check website for live events
    • Free entrance
  • Madame Claudes
    • Where: Kreuzberg
    • Sunday nights are open mic from 22:00  -recommended
  • FilmKunst
    • Where: Kreuzberg
    • Thursday nights (21:00) show independent short films
    • Closed for summer break - restarts October
  • Mein Haus am See
    • laid-back bar on Rosenthaler Platz
    • basic food, lots of seats, and funky music

ON the beaten track

  • Quick sightseeing of the city that day, take the bus 100 at Alexanderplatz.

  • The ride is 30 minutes in total, from Alexanderplatz to the Zoo Garden and during this ride you'll be able to see few different famous sites of Berlin: Museum Insel, Branderbourg Tor, Tiergaarten Park...
  • Ticket will cost you less than 3 euros/person and you can stop where you want. It is less cheaper tn the touristy "hop on/ hop off bus"!
  • Link:

  • Berlin Wall, without a lot of tourists. avoid check point Charly, full of people. Try to avoid also East Side Gallery.
    • Recommended spot: corner or BernauerStrasse and Brunnaustrasse.
    • Then follow a little the Bernauerstrasse and see the Berlin Mauer Memorial
    • List of museums, addresses, entrance fees and opening times 

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